D:create as a company represents creation: creation of spaces and moments that are full of creativity, dialogue, delightful moments and sharing.  D:create brings these elements to designing workshops for schools and community groups, to its innovative performances and to its approaches to consultancy.  D:create also fosters the creativity of others with whom they engage; focusing on building confidence in individuals and groups.  D:create captures the complexity of community cultural development work in fostering strong individuals, as well as building strong community through all its work.  D:create activates spaces with individualised performances, built with or for communities.

D:create as a company also simultaneously holds the idea of de-creation.  In acknowledgement that through the creative processes we first need to deconstruct our world.  It is important to examine systems, structures and patterns.  To look for what is not working. Then look to create new solutions and approaches, returning the focus to creation again.

maleny workshop

D:create is about recognising complexities and tensions…

D:differentiation : creating work that is distinct in its creativity, whilst simultaneously drawing on universal themes that affect us all.
D:collate : to gather people’s ideas together, and to have the courage to throw them to the wind and start again when they are not working.
D:assemblage : to create performances, and to analyse how each part adds to the rest.
D:activate : breathing excitement into groups so they are motivated to create together and being able mediate when conflicts arise these groups.

D:centre : D:configure : D:construct : D:assemble : D:initialise : D:align : D:group : D:individualise : D:growth :

D:create is….

Deanna Borland-Sentinella (PhD), Artistic Director and principle practitioner.
Deanna is a facilitator, a performer, an improviser, and community cultural development worker.  Through their career Deanna has worked in primary and high schools, prisons, public space and in government and non-government contexts with people from diverse backgrounds. Deanna is also a member of Community Praxis Coop.

Many other talented creatives collaborate with D:create on a project by project basis!