Cart-able Characters

D:create has a range of roving characters that can be attend festivals, host events and entertain diverse crowds.  Check out the selection of characters or contact us to discuss developing something specific to your event.

Doris and Betty
Two cheeky old ladies who know how to have a good time! In the past these ladies have MCed events at the Powerhouse, Tribal Theatre and Jaggera Arts Centre, to name but a few of their appearances.  For more info check out them out here.

Boris and Detty
Two innocent characters who ponder the questions of life.  These two were last found sitting in their baskets, wondering what in fact distinguished them as baskets at the Laura St Festival.

Wunderfools are basically whatever you want them to be or the complete opposite! A collective of improvisers who respond the the context they are in. Cooky creatures to marvel at!

Classic Clowns
Sweet adorable Guacho will warm your heart with their earnest vunerability.