Brazil Residency

In 2013 D:create’s artistic director Deanna Borland-Sentinella joined UK applied theatre colleague Nikki Mailer to develop and deliver an arts program in a Brazilian favela (the portugese term for slum).  The project took place at the community organisation ACER based in the Eldorado, Diadema, on the outskirts of Sao Paulo city.

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An excercise which asked participants to represent different words with their bodies.

The project was organised through CMAP who place community artists in disadvantaged communities around the world.

The project

Blog entries from the duration of the project

first post: on new beginnings in Brazil, meeting the host NGO.

second post: on multiple art forms for maximum delivery outcomes

third post: on creating programs to meet the needs of the community

fourth post: on being vulnerable in the work and learning from the community

Deanna conducted research into the work done with young people whilst in Brazil and how it could have contributed to the notion of international development.  This research paper is available upon request.