Embodied Futures

Embodied Futures

Embodied Futures is a group workshop process framework and unique activities that was been developed as part of a practice-led PhD.

The thesis can be found on QUT eprints

Embodied Futures is designed to support communities to dream and deliberate together about what the future could be.

A preview of the Illustrated Exercises Book is below. It can be enlarged to be able to read the text. For a full copy of the document please contact us to arrange.

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Embodied Futures can be adapted to work with any community from business to environment. Communities that have so far been documented as case studies include: community workers as part of their professional development, high school students, survivors of sexual violence and trauma, Brisbane residents and Timorese people in their homelands of Timor-Leste. Below is a video that focuses on the workshops of Timor-Leste and is the video component mentioned in the PhD submission on Embodied Futures.