D:create’s body of work includes the following shows that can be remounted.  Commissioned developments are also accepted.

Children’s Theatre

The Green-Nosed Clown
Telling the story of reduce, reuse, recycle through the eyes of a clown waiting at a bus stop. Previously seen in Chile and the Chatty Bench Festival

Many Coloured Glasses

A children’s theatre piece about diversity and multiculturalism.
Behind the Glass: Shopfront Performances

Premiered at Chorlton Arts Festival, Manchester, UK.

Weapons of Mass Affection
Performed as part of the Brisbane Festival.

Thoroughly Modern Misses
Performed for Anne’s St Party in Fortitude Valley’s Mod Cons.

Audience Interaction Features

The Incident
A show controlled by the audience through a video controller.  Each audience dictates how much is revealed about “The Incident”.  The show incorporates technology and explores the consequences of war.  Premiered at Contact Theatre in Manchester, UK.

All that Lies Below with Granny
Featuring Doris and Betty, who take intimate stories from the audience and weave them into their nattering.  This show is rated PG.

The Sounds of Little St
A performance about life in a share house that is controlled by the audience with musical instruments.