D:create’s workshops are always designed to make participants feel comfortable, whilst challenging them and developing self-esteem and confidence.  Workshops can be adapted to any group for any length of time.   D:create has worked with toddlers, in schools, with young people at risk, with youth leaders, in community centres and with professionals to provide professional development training.  D:create have run workshops in countries all over the world and was chosen to present workshop practice exemplar at the second International Teaching Artists Conference.



Issue-based workshops

D:create specialises in developing creative workshops to address a theme or issue with a group.  The approach uses games and exercises to explore in a fun an interesting way, often incorporating drama, movement and/or art.

Past examples of issue based workshops D:create has run (and an example of the community the workshops were targeted for) include:
– Body image (for year 8 female students)
– Conflict resolution (in a prisons in the UK)
– Communication
– Environment (with year 6 and 7 students)
– Leadership (
– Creating new futures (run with children in Brazil)
(these projects can be run in partnership with a psychologist from Empowering Options *link*)

Skill based workshops
D:create can provide workshops on learning the specific skills of:
– theatre
– physical theatre
– improvisation
– creative movement
– playback theatre
– recycled art projects
– traditional visual art (drawing, painting, craft)
– felting
– Theatre of the Oppressed (forum theatre, rainbow of desires, cops in the head)
– the basics of photoshop
– introduction to photography
– introduction to circus