Expressive Movement

The program “Expressive Movement” developed for Kindy educators draws on research that highlights the value of centering children’s experiences through movement. This program draws on the work of Hackett, Procter and Kummerfeld (2017, 493) in looking at a framework for thinking about children’s spatiality:
(1) abstract physical
(2) Embodied physical
(3) Abstract social
(4) Emodied social

This program focuses on the priority area of physicality through drawing on Laban and Al Wunder (see Elliot 2021) movement awareness and somatic body practices. Tsachor and Shafir (2017) articulated how emotional resiliency can be fostered through such movement practices and literacy.

This practice approach will also focus on activities that enhance a child’s working memory, inhibitory control and cognitive flexibility (as articulated by Browne for the Harvard Centre on the Developing Child).

The delivery mode encourages active learning for not only children, but also for educators. As it is a blend between an incursion, professional service, and training course – delivered face-to-face, with coaching and mentoring for educators.